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Continetal Tyre

Do you cruise the undulating Wairarapa roads, zip along the highways in the big smoke, traverse the farm or  bush bash off the beaten track?  We are proud to be independently owned and operated - giving us better access to a huge variety of tyre brands. No matter your needs, our expert team will select you the right tyre for the right price from a huge range!

We are always looking at ways to reduce the damage to our environment and have teamed up with the team at Treadlite to do just that! We pay for all of our end of life tyres to be turned into Premium Horse Arena Mix right here in NZ so you can be sure your old tyres are being disposed of in an environmentally friendly way :)

Regularly check your tyres to make sure there is plenty of tread. The minimum legal depth is 1.5mm but the more tread you have the better the grip and the safer you'll be

Tyres are the single most important part on your vehicle! They hold the weight of your vehicle and are the only contact between you and the road. Via four postcard size contacts, your tyres carry out your braking, accelerating and turning... that is a HUGE responsibility! No tyre is perfect for all driving conditions and it is important that you choose the tyres that are right for your vehicle and the driving you do.

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