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Excellence in Community Service and Support

Richard and Sara were really proud to accept the Excellence in Community Service and Support award on behalf of the Toms Autos team at the 2024 Auto Super Shoppe Conference in Auckland. With 120 Auto Super Shoppe workshops in the group this was an awesome achievement for our team and one we are all so proud of. Our aim is to be a good business with good people who are doing good things.

So why did we win? Times have been really tough in our Wairarapa community and as a business we feel it's important we give back and support various initiatives where we can, especially those focused on youth empowerment, community mental health and fostering positive role models.

- In 2023 we sponsored the U13 Wairarapa representative football team (Douglas Villa Titans) as they played in the Wellington league and competed in the Christchurch International Cup. Our sponsorship enabled talented players to participate in an amazing season of experiences and adventure outside of the Wairarapa. We enjoyed watching local youth showcase exceptional skills, dedication, and sportsmanship which inspired their peers and wider community.

- Over the 2023/2024 season we also sponsored the Wairarapa representative junior and senior tennis teams. This involved supporting approximately 40 players to represent the Wairarapa at a regional level from young juniors right up to division one players at various tournaments and fixtures against other representative teams in the lower North Island. By promoting physical activity, personal growth, and community leadership, our sponsorship aimed to foster a culture of excellence and inclusivity through a wide range of demographic.

- We are sponsoring Netball Wairarapa. The netball facilities serve as a hub for thousands of community members, including junior through to senior players, and their families, fostering a vibrant netball community and promoting active lifestyles.

- In 2024 we are sponsoring a local Carterton football team. This involves enabling a team of 16 men to play sport, stay fit and physically healthy plus improve mental health. With four of our own staff members in the team, our sponsorship represents our commitment to mental and physical health through sport.

- We also sponsored the local football in schools coach with free car servicing and repair. This dedicated coach traveled around primary schools in the Wairarapa region and introduced kids to football and the health and enjoyment benefits of it. She gave up a lot of her time to give back to our community as a coach in other football teams including Women’s Wairarapa United and the 2023 U13 representative team. She is a great role model for our community.

- In the last few months we have carried out a free WoF for a local church group who were giving a car away to someone in need. We were also approached by the Cancer Society who had someone in need and so we carried out $250 of repairs to a cancer patients’ vehicle as he couldn’t afford the repairs and he relied on his vehicle to head out of the region for treatment.

- We have contributed to community events such as providing products for the Cancer Society and various school children raffles and donating prizes for the Castlepoint Fishing Competition and a local Dog Trail Competition. These initiatives reflect our commitment to supporting our Wairarapa community in various capacities, enriching lives and fostering a stronger, more connected region.

- Our most recent act of giving back to our community involved giving away a service to someone deserving in our community. Our Wairarapa community has been heavily affected by the recession with people from all walks of life struggling to get by and we wanted to make a difference. We had a huge amount of nominations but we are happy this went to a very deserving recipient who owns a CX-5 that was in need of some love!


Winning Awards

Richard and Sara recently attended the Auto Super Shoppe conference in Cairns... after some intense classroom sessions they attended the awards dinner where Toms Autos came out on top winning the Most Improved Supplier Support for General Shop. Sara also received recognition for being on the Auto Super Shoppe board of advisors.

Supporting Local

Toms Autos is proud to sponsor the U12 Douglas Villa Titans this year as they competed in the Wellington Junior Premier League (Football). They are a GREAT bunch of kids and have a brilliant coach Radha McGlashan. Rain or shine they always played hard and fair with big smiles on their faces... Congratulations for a great season Team!


Greener Future For All

Every year in NZ, more than 7.75 million tyres reach their end of life and it is estimated that 70% are going to landfill, stockpiled or illegally dumped!


We are always looking at ways to reduce the damage to our environment and have teamed up with the team at Treadlite to do just that! We pay for all of our second hand tyres to be turned into Premium Horse Arena Mix right here in NZ.


We are proud to see the product throughout competition equestrian centre's and private horse arenas in NZ. They have exciting ideas to expand into roading and artificial sports fields too so watch this space!

Racing Into The Future

Khalid (Richard and Sara's son) and Zion (Dayle's son) both turned 12 last year and so they've begun their Motorsport journeys at the same time! They are both starting out by racing in autocrosses (racing around cones in a grass paddock). Zion has been driving a Holden Barina and Khalid went racing in the little Toms Autos Ford KA. Both had an awesome time!


Supporting Local

In 2022 we were pleased to gift a $500 voucher for repairs or servicing to Cancer Society Wairarapa. For those who live in the Wairarapa, a significant amount of cancer treatment happens out of the region and while the Cancer Society has some amazing volunteer drivers, personal vehicles are used for the journey. This voucher will go towards those in need of vehicle maintenance or repair while they are going through a very difficult time in their lives... Spending money on their car will be one less thing they have to worry about.

Our contribution was one of many across NZ, all Auto Super Shoppe workshops extended a helping hand to their local communities and together we have donated over $50,000 worth of servicing and repairs this month alone. We are so proud to be part of such an amazing group - supporting locally and caring nationally.

Cancer Society Wairarapa receives no government funding and relies solely on the generosity of donors. If you are able to donate, please head to

Service Your Engine

Every now and then we get a vehicle in that causes all techs to drop tools and check it out... This was one such vehicle and is a timely reminder why servicing your vehicle is so important! This lovely little Mazda came in with a broken camshaft caused by a lack of servicing - you can see on the inside of the tappet cover just how much sludge and vanish had built up. The engine had to be replaced as there was no salvaging from the damage that had been done.


MTA Cook Strait Good Sort

Wohooo Richard has just won the MTA Cook Strait Good Sort Award! He won it for his top level of service, high energy, nurturing manner with our apprentices and being the glue that keeps us a tight team 😁 The whole crew was rewarded with a DELICIOUS morning team from the wonderful The Clareville Bakery

Greener Future For All

We are STOKED to receive our Auto Super Shoppe Environmental Standards Accreditation 🙂 To get this we needed to meet certain standards that help contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly business.

Some of our initiatives include:

🌱 Recycling all of our used oil via a ROSE (Recovering Oil Saves the Environment) accredited company. The collected oil is re-processed where required and then used as a fuel in high temperature industrial burning applications such as Asphalt Plants and Timber Production.

🌱 Recycling our 20L plastic containers. These are sent to be chipped, cleaned and distributed to manufactures. Previously our recycled 20's have been used as a supplement in the bitumen for road sealing trials.

🌱 Recycling our used tyres. We pay to have end of life tyres recycled with a registered member of the New Zealand Tyre Recycling and Collections Association.

🌱 Recycling our used batteries. All of our end of life batteries are responsibly recycled.

🌱 Recycle our cardboard. Our cardboard is separated at our workshop and responsibly recycled at our local depot.


Why Change Your Oil Filter

Check out this... this is a great example of why you need to service your vehicle.

This is an oil filter that came out of a car we serviced a few days ago. It was 55,000km overdue for an oil and filter change 😳 Engine failure was just around the corner!

The value in servicing your vehicle is often quite hard to visualize but this picture says 1000 words.

Supporting Local

Toms Autos is proud to sponsor the awesome local Masterton Netball courts - supporting teams from all across the Wairarapa to play at a great facility.

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