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Electric Car

EV & Hybrids

EV & Hybrids

Toms Autos provides a wide range of EV and HV car services including battery replacement.

Our team is trained in the replacement of hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for eco-concious drivers. We understand the critical role batteries play in these advanced vehicles, powering them efficiently and sustainably. Our skilled mechanics are equipped with the expertise to handle various hybrid and electric models, including replacement of batteries. Whether it's enhancing your vehicle's hybrid capabilities or ensuring your electric car maintains its range, our team is committed to delivering reliable and eco-friendly solutions. Rest assured, your vehicle is in capable hands, and we are dedicated to keeping you on the road with a sustainable power source.

About The Batteries We Use

Our cutting edge partners use high-tech and sophisticated equipment to scan, diagnose and rebuild hybrid batteries. Every battery pack that is rebuilt is tested and carefully assembled in-house by highly trained hybrid technicians. They use only the best quality cell modules in battery packs, and each pack is carefully balanced and matched. The detailed balancing provides safety against imbalanced cells causing heat and risk of fire, and also ensures the longevity of the batteries, with the re manufactured batteries carrying up to three years warranty. The batteries come with a guaranteed service according to manufacturer’s specifications and at an affordable price.

We can also carry out replacement of HV inverters, transmissions, CPU modules and a range of other components.

How Do I Know I Need A Battery Replaced?

The average hybrid battery lasts eight years or 160,000km. However the new norm for companies like Lexus and Toyota is to warranty the battery for ten years or 240,000kms. This may seem like a lot but the average hybrid battery loses 1-2% of performance every year. They slowly begin to lose the amount of energy they can store over time - this is called battery degradation and can result in reduced energy capacity, range, power and overall efficiency. Not all brands perform the same and every vehicle is different in how it is driven, charged and maintained.


Some ways that you can tell that your battery is losing charge include:

  • Decreased fuel efficiency (reduced range on the battery)

  • Erratic charge or not holding a charge

  • Reduced performance - if your vehicle is not accelerating as quickly or has reduced power.

  • The engine running more than it should

  • Strange engine sounds

  • Age and Mileage - hybrid batteries typically last between 8 - 12 years but this can be affected by driving conditions and usage.

  • Error lights on your dash

Why Use a Re-manufactured, Repaired, Replacement Battery?

Using a re-manufactured hybrid battery can be a smart and sustainable choice, offering reliability, affordability and environmental benefits.

  • It will save you money! It is a much cheaper option than purchasing a new replacement battery straight from the vehicle manufacturer, providing a cost-effective alternative without compromising on performance

  • It is a more environmentally friendly alternative as it involves refurbishing and reusing components, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimizing waste.

  • Re-manufactured batteries under go rigorous testing and quality control processes. These stringent checks ensure that each component meets high standards, resulting in a reliable and efficient power source for your vehicle. Our batteries come with with a 3 year warranty.

It is important to note that regular maintenance is essential to the smooth performance of your car. For Hybrids, the gas engine and electric motor are reliant on each other, and if one is not working efficiently, it can affect the performance of the other. At regular service intervals, along with the other maintenance, the battery should be tested.

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