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Customer Testimonials

5/5 Rating. No improvement needed. The service was above and beyond!!

2nd May 2017 - Customer Radar
5/5 Service. As always very high standard.
1st May 2017 - Customer Radar
5/5 Rating. Friendly atmosphere Listen to requests
1st May 2017-Customer Radar

5/5 Rating. Great personalized service. Handsome chaps ??. Went out of your way to speed up when I needed the car quicker than expected

1st May 2017- Customer Radar
5/5 Rating. You guys are friendly, realistic, thorough and you recommend things that need doing

12th April 2017 - Customer Radar

5/5 Rating. Great team at Tom's Autos. Have been using them for a few years now and will continue to do so. Honest assessments and everything is always explained.
29th March 2017 - Customer Radar
5/5 Rating. Organized, friendly, efficient and always appreciated
21st March 2017 - Customer Radar
Rating 5/5. Could not score as down arrow did not give any options but my score 10/10 I have had my vehicles serviced by Toms for many years now. I always receive very prompt and courteous service. Mechanics are happy to answer questions and they always let you know what work your vehicle will need in the future.
10th March 2017 - Customer Radar
Rated 5/5. The workmanship was second to none. I have never been so please with a service.
8th March 2017 - Customer Radar